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Plus 12 more Features that make trip planning EASY!

Get the Top 10 Flights Fast.
1 click instantly reduces hundreds of flight options to a top 10 we've optimized for cost, travel time, layovers and more.
Track Prices Easily
Consider any flight, hotel, or home. We update and track prices each time you log in.
Budget your Trip.
Set a budget. We do the math! This way, you can mix and match options until your trip is just right.
Itinerary? Done!
We automatically create an itinerary for your calendar. Put every booking detail, contact information, and confirm number at your fingertips.
Find THAT Hotel
Get personal with pre-search filters like "romantic," "solo," "couples," or "families." We only bring back what fits.
Plan for Every Place
Hitting Madrid, Barcelona and and Lisbon in one trip? We organize every choice by location, so you can plan each stop perfectly.
Collaborate with Friends
Travel is a group sport, so get them all involved in the planning. Everyone can work on the trip at the same time. And chat about it as they do.
Share Your Trip
Send the completed trip plan, booking details, considered options, notes to anyone who needs to know. Only you can edit it, so don't worry.
Socialize Your Trip
Post the Plan to your favorite social platform. Let your friends in on where you've been, and what you did. They can click it and... book it!
Plan with Any Device
We handle all the syncing. Start a trip on smartphone while you're waiting for that call to start, edit it on the tablet, laptop or desktop. Every action is captured in your plan.
Add Your Notes
Add a note to every option you've considering. "This hotel has the perfect pool." And so on. Insert links. Copy and paste from other sources.
Save Everything
We save Every Trip, past or present or future. And we save Every Action about that trip. Searches. Considers. Booked items. Notes. It's always on in your personal Trips Library.