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All-in-One Trip Planning Tool: Relovate Itinerary Planner
One of the coolest things about Relovate is it allows you to search for every aspect of a trip in one place - from flights to hotels, restaurants, tours/activities, weather, spas, and more. And before you get worried that you'll have to pay a membership fee to join - it's totally free for users. ... read more
Brooklyn Tropicali
Trip Planning for Montreal
I have to say, I am really impressed with how this platform works. The next time you're planning a trip, give Relovate a try to, I think you'll love it! ... read more
Amanda Mouttaki
The easiest travel planning website you'll find
In a nutshell? I highly recommend Relovate ? it's the easiest travel planning website and itinerary creator you'll find. ... read more
Megan Jerrard
Is Relovate The Next Booking Engine?
Why hasn't anyone thought of this before? ... read more
Nick Wharton
Goats on the Road
How does the new travel booking platform stack up?
The idea is a lofty one - book everything, plan everything, share everything from one single website. For the most part, R-Plans delivers just that. ... read more
Raymond Walsh
Man on the Lamb
The easiest platform to plan your vacation in one tab
What Google has done for real-time collaboration on documents and spreadsheets using only a web browser, R-Plans has now done for travel planning. ... read more
Kach Medina
Two Monkeys Travel
A Collaborative & Explorative Travel Planning Website
The best parts about this are the collaborative aspects and the budgeting. I have never seen a site that can keep tabs like this on a budget where you have multiple flights, hotels, activities, car rentals, and more all in one page on their site with checkboxes. ... read more
Rachel Jones
Travel reservations as easy as getting an Uber
Using Relovate to plan and book travel has me wondering why I spent all this time "booking around" elsewhere! The interface is simple and tailored specifically for me - it's made travel reservations as easy as getting an Uber!
Jordan L
Super simple to use
The UI is extremely easy to navigate and I love that I can "consider" flights so I can keep going back and checking prices. Super simple to use, clean interface, highly recommend!
Karen Auteri
Showed all airlines to pick best flight!
Used it yesterday to book a flight - it was so easy! And it showed all airlines so that I could pick the best flight times and price.
Lori Simnor
Saved $$$
Booked flights for the whole family - saved $$$ and it was soooo easy!
Stan Gorski Jr
User friendly
As a "road warrior" I have reduced my travel planning time by more than half. I would recommend those who travel frequently like myself and even those who travel occasionally, to plan their next trip with this "user friendly" website.
Michael Boccher
Zero Ads
How did I ever travel without Relovate?! This site makes booking travel so easy and enjoyable, and I love having zero ads!
Ambika Behal
Awesome Website
Love this new booking site !! Very user friendly and cool!
Raji Sandhu Behal